The Heritage Tree Resolution was killed by Democrat perfidy in the

Assy Natural Resources Committee

You can call the Legislative Analyst for the Committee,

Jeff Arthur,NAT. RES, 916-319-2092

The key idea here is that EVERY "heritage tree" is a resource. A heritage tree, as defined in SB754, is generally, a tree that was alive in 1850 with certain conditions, on "wildlands"
defined as any public or private fields that will support coniferous trees.

What is needed is an INCENTIVE for the Forest service, and for private developers and owners, to SAVE each heritage tree. Some sort of pay, for example, from forest cutting funds, which pertains to any landowner who still has a Heritage Tree. This way, people will brag about having some, and it will become a source of pride to the landowner -- and the developers will have an incentive to build around them, as SB754 requires.

Just plain folks to save Trabuco Oaks

National "Climb a Tree" Day

OCRegister story: "Tree Sitting Comes to Orange County"

Save Saddleback Canyons:

 Stick to the plan websiteGo to

What's at stake:

Nature's garden: the area under attack as "saddlecreek" is a natural garden of native plants and habitat, in a natural balance. View some pics at

Pics from the Jan. "Rally for the Oaks" 

Write a letter to the Army Corps of Engineers
opposing destruction of the 10,150 ft. of streams!
Urgent: Without an ACoE permit,

the developer must instead follow the FTSP, prior to the 14 amendments.
The ACoE can stop the developer from destroying 10,000 linear feet of stream via "CUT AND FILL" GRADING.
But only if you make the connection, and write to them!
The letter writing utility addresses the letter for you, and you can start off with one or more "talking points" of your choice. Edit, change it around, so that each letter is unique; print them off, and get friends to sign each one!

Informational Picketing Saturday

Goal: a focal point to let residents and visitors know what's threatening the rural way of life, and to enable them to sign on, sign up and help out.

Charles takes it personally, he toured these hills long before the current threat, and values the hills as "...they belong to all of us...".

(Feb. 8)

THANKS to a resident for the funds to buy these signs. The gift was not solicited, but the signs would not have been possible without the contribution.

(Feb. 8)

Cook's Corner Saturday feb 1

Gathering every Saturday at 1:00 P.M. and on to celebrate the rural character of Trabuco and to support local residents and those who use these unique precious resources. Is destruction of this area worth just another fetid, crowded strip-mall intersection? Can't we manage to save even a little of what was here?

Printable handout: POST AT WORK!

"Here are the things about to be done:

"Saddleback Meadows - 283 homes that will ruin the scenery leading into the canyon areas, destroy the peace of area monastaries, destroy a critical wildlife corridor and require millions of cubic yards of grading.

"Commercial area - 5.5 acres at the intersection of El Toro Road and Live Oak Canyon again destroying the rural entrance to the canyons. Instead, fast food and a gas station.

"Saddlecreek/Saddlecrest - 162 homes that required 14-pages of sweeping amendments to area resource protection laws. The project requires the destruction of 56 acres of oak woodlands and a minimum of 493 oaks and sycamores.

"Cook's Corner - for sale and as one developer said, 'The property is too valuable for a bar; instead, a chain restaurant and a Starbucks.'" (from R. Gomez email alert)

Links to Trabuco Canyon Websites

A rural way of life, and thousands of Oak trees, stand in the way of profits for outside money men.

Only the long-suffering USA TAXPAYER can stop the destruction, and save the Foothill/Trabuco Specific Plan (FTSP).


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Stop Saddlecreek! Approved by OC Planning Dept. over the unanimous objection of the Foothill Trabuco Specific Plan (FTSP) Review Board. Would amend FTSP, opening the door to massive over-building, just what FTSP was designed to regulate.
Builder Rutter Development.

Tell O.C. Supervisors

Comment on-line to the Board of Supervisors

Write a letter to the Board of Supervisors using the letter writing utility! The program addresses the letter for you, and you can start off with one or more "talking points" of your choice. Edit, change it around, so that each letter is unique; print them off, and get friends to sign each one!

Links to Trabuco Canyon websites and more

Calendar of upcoming saddlecreek events

 Pictures from the rally

Save Bigshell Wetland!

O.C. is destroying this Huntington Beach wetland. Please contact Supervisor Silva and ask him to help save it.


Saddleback Meadows

Pictures taken from Vedanta monastery.
Land speculators California Quartet.

Who is California Quartet?

California Quartet, Ltd.:
Capital Funding
Amer Mahmoud
Nasir Mahmoud
Aradi, Ltd., and Aradi, Inc.
Law firm:
William D. Ross, Esq. Law Office of William D. Ross
520 S. Grand Avenue #300 L.A., CA 90071-2610
William D. Ross and Carol B. Sherman
Story on purchase of NoCal wetlands
"...Coastal Conservancy hopes to buy the 1,613-acre 'Bel Marin Keys Unit 5.'..."

Orange County: "Saddleback Meadows" near "Hidden Ridge", formerly "Hidden Ranch"
"In 1993, California Quartet, Ltd., purchased some 222 acres of undeveloped land in Trabuco Canyon near St. Michael's Abbey and the Ramakrishna Monastery. In 1996, the firm proposed a 705-unit mobilehome development on the land..."

Other issues and places

Rancho Mission Viejo

Oct. 30 planning session pictures

Official Rancho Mission Viejo preservation website

Friends of the Foothills

Fight the Toll Road, each extension creates dozens of housing tract attacks on open space, endangered species, clean air and clean Ocean.

Save West Coyote Hills in Fullerton

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