Nature's Plant Garden


A profusion of wildflowers, plants and animals exist
in a natural balance we may never be able to re-create.

In the paradise that is Trabuco, these plants exist now in a balance and pattern that is the way it's supposed to be -- each plant supports others, and the insects and creatures that need to be there -- in a pattern developed over the centuries.

Yet this magnificent 200+ acres is to be destroyed, with this intricate natural mechanism ignored and unknown as "just foliage" by relentless bulldozers.

"Stick to the Plan" coalition is only asking that the building be done respecting this incredibly complicated web of life. "cut and fill" grading of the site would clog up and destroy seasonal streams of the US and destroy more than 492 Oaks.

Yet paradise could be preserved. The intricate mechanism could be left, the houses could be built in harmony with the wildflowers and creatures, and we would all be better off in the long run.

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Monkey Flower...04/28/200316:04

Indian Paintbrush04/28/200315:58

Blue-eyed Grass04/27/200312:56

view of the hills04/27/200310:59



Blue dicks04/27/200313:34

White sage is found in balance with black sage and sagebrush....04/28/200316:55

Name this flower!...04/28/200316:56 Phacelia ramosissima, branching phacelia, Thanks, Connie...05/29/20030:10

Monkeyflower 04/27/200312:56

Black Sage04/27/200312:56

Mulefat and Coyote Brush04/27/200313:34

Coyote brush found in delicate balance with other habitat elements....04/28/200316:56



Lupinus bicolor04/27/200312:51 Wise Native American shaman would know where each flower and plant was, and its use: medicinal, ceremonial, edible, structural....04/28/200316:58

Blue-eyed Grass04/27/200313:34 Uniquely matched habitat has returned since grazing stopped....04/28/200316:58

Monkeyflower04/27/200313:34 and other constituents of a balanced, stable indigenous environment....04/28/200316:59



Closeup. There are large clumps of rare needlegrass. At pepperdine in Malibu, one large rare needlegrass habitat was bulldozed and replaced -- by a LAWN! Lawsuit pending....04/28/200317:08

vernal pool04/27/200321:36 shows worn rocks indicating centuries of water flow....04/28/200316:59

stream bed would be destroyed by fill dirt04/27/200311:00 yet who knows what miraculous natural mechanisms would be destroyed, unnoticed....04/28/200317:00


Black Sage 04/27/200313:34 the most aromatic of sage, the stalks can be dried and burned as incense....04/28/200317:00

plants04/27/200311:01 we many never attain the knowledge of their use of the ancient Tongva, Acjachemen Native Americans....04/28/200317:01

Black Sage, Monkeyflower04/27/200313:34 meadows like this take megabucks to try to recreate...mostly, a failure....04/28/200317:02

ground cover04/27/200311:01 yet this natural wealth is here, easily preserved, as the Creator intended....04/28/200317:02


second stream bed04/27/200311:01 there are fossils and paleontological resources on other streams....04/28/200317:03



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