O'Neill Park Rally for the Oaks

John Quigley, hero of the Old Glory Oak defense against John Laing in Santa Clarita, makes a big impression with an impromptu, inspirational speech about

  • Importance of the Oak Canopy
  • Taking action to preserve what's left
  • What might inspire one to personally be motivated
  • What's at stake for the environment
  • Attend the Tues., Jan. 28 meeting of the Board of Supervisors

Quigley joked about a phrase needed, such as "no heritage destruction without representation!" concerning the supervisorial race (the project is being voted on without 3rd Dist. representation!).

Quigley imparted some of his experiences during the 71 day occupation of Old Glory. Much of the time, it turns out, was spent conversing with people, some of which started out thinking him a "liberal" or futile, but who generally wound up supporting him, bringing food and words of encouragement. Quigley coined the term "Eco-Conservative" for his position in a debate with one of the people he talked to at Old Glory, as one way of defusing labels such as "liberal" and "conservative". This is the kind of conceptual counter-attack needed, because really those motivated to defend what little is left of California are conservatives at base - conserving what's left, in the spirit of Teddy Roosevelt. After all, it's our government, and our representatives, that's what the Boston Tea Party was all about.

Prior to the event, Mr. Quigley visited some of the Oaks threatened by the 3 projects, and afterward, was surprised that many wanted his autograph on color pictures of the Oaks.

Bored of Supervisors? So are the Oak trees, as the four out-of-district supes voted 4-0 to amend the FTSP and cut down the oaks. "These amendments are not amendments..." sputtered the creepy-looking spokesperson for the other side. Just clarifications, 14 pages of them, perhaps.
Defenders of the Oak Trees made all the arguments you can imagine, to no avail as the lobbying had already gone on, or so it seemed. Full account coming soon.

Rally for the Oaks at O'Neill park, Oct. 25 1:00 P.M.

The crowd signed hundreds of letters to supervisors in dist. 1,2,4,5 and listened to candidates for the empty 3rd dist. seat Potts, Beckler and Wetzel (not necessarily in that order!).

save the oaks rally crowd listens intently

Listening intently to the insights of Kathy Sandoval, representing the Juaneno band of Mission Indians

Mr. John Quigley, listening to Kathy Sandoval talking about the integration of oaks, people and the land, and how killing the oaks is akin to murder, in the Native American view.

As Ms. Sandoval spoke, a great Golden Eagle wheeled overhead, representing the spirits of their ancestors, who cared for the land and its creatures.

Kathy Sandoval

Kathy Sandoval speaks of the "history stones" where acorns were ground prior to preparation. Both the Acjachemen (Juaneno) and Tongva (Gabrielenos) were among the Acorn People

Ted Crisell, Steve Ray, John Quigley and Jan Vandersloot. For more details of the Rally, add your email to the email list