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Urgent: write to the Army Corps! Here's what is planned, according to the ACoE permit application:
"...PROPOSED ACTIVITY FOR WHICH A PERMIT IS REQUIRED "...involves discharging approximately 4,000 cubic yards of native fill material into waters of the U.S. in order to prepare the land for residential development for the Saddle Creek project...The activity will discharge fill material into eight drainage courses and about 1.29 acre of waters of the U.S., including .43 acre of wetlands. These areas total approximately 10,150 linear feet of streams within the Saddle Creek property..."
If they can't fill the streams up with dumped dirt, they can't do "cut and fill".
So stopping the destruction of the waters of the USA will stop the project as it's not written, and force them to follow the FTSP, prior to the 14 amendments!
Write a letter to the Board of Supervisors, newspapers and the Planning Commission to stop the destruction.
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The project violates the FTSP and also will "discharge fill material" into "10,150 linear feet of streams" via "cut and fill" massive grading.

The Foothill/Trabuco Specific Plan (FTSP) was recently amended to weaken provisions devised after a long process of balancing rural character, resource preservation, development, infrastructure and recreational/equestrian goals.

FTSP, prior to the 14 amendments recently pushed through by the developer, proved its value by allowing reasonable use of precious resources while preserving the unique values of the oak canopy and rare viewscape.

Saddlecreek, with requested amendments, would require destruction of hundreds of ancient oaks, raptor habitat, and beautiful meadows by massive cut and fill grading. Current residents relied on FTSP as part of their investment.

Aliso Creek is already impaired, Saddlecreek project would only add to the load on the watershed.

In its current form, the Saddlecreek project will generate endless controversy, unrest and lawsuits.

The saddlecreek project would require amendments that would destroy FTSP. Instead of honoring the carefuly crafted agreement, staff calls for violating some provisions based on compromises not in the original plan and which would violate that plan.

If these Amendments are approved for this particular project then the entire 6,000 acres of the foothills are opened to the same rules, degrading property values of existing residents.

The Planning Commission may have been given materials, for example a certain videotape, that were not made available to the public prior to the hearing.

The community was never allowed to be a part of the process. Current plans would require "cut and fill" bulldozing, then attempts to rebuild the destroyed meadows.

Without the ACoE permit to destroy our streams, the developer will be forced to follow the FTSP, prior to the 14 amendments. Please deny the permit.

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